East Lindsey Medical Group

About East Lindsey Medical Group – Making People Better

East Lindsey Medical Group (ELMG) was formed in 2018 when The Newmarket Branch in Louth, and The Wolds Branch in Tetford, merged. We employ about 70 staff who provide services at both locations to our registered population of approximately 14,600.

Our Mission Statement

At East Lindsey Medical Group, we are a passionate team made up of multi-disciplinary experts, health care professionals and improvement enthusiasts. Our mission is to offer our registered population a wide range of information, support, and services to enable people to make their own choices about their health needs. Our staff are encouraged to challenge the status quo, grow through lessons learned and empowered to make improvements that will embrace the future challenges faced by General Practice and Primary Care. We aim to co-design our services in a way that improves and sustains access to health care for our registered population, acting with integrity, treating people compassionately and striving to maintain a safe and secure environment for everyone who interacts with us.

Date published: 5th December, 2023
Date last updated: 13th December, 2023